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Are Your Air Conditioning Compressors in Trouble?

Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning, NORCAL Heating and Cooling, Silicon Valley, Bay Area, San Jose, Commercial HVAC, HVAC maintenance, HVAC services, HVAC equipment replacement, HVAC preventative maintenance, sheet metal, piping, building surveysWhen problems occur with your air conditioning system, you may begin to worry that the AC system itself needs replacement. And often, an AC needs replacement because the compressor has gone bad. The compressor is one of the most critical and costly parts of your air conditioning system. So you want to maintain them as best as possible to prevent expensive repairs or even full system replacements. By having a routine, manufacturer suggested quarterly maintenance of your HVAC systems, you stand a better chance of catching failed components that may lead to a failed compressor. NORCAL Heating and Cooling has experienced technicians to inspect and maintain your building’s equipment.